Friday, January 29, 2016

Thinking through IoT from MIT Sloan Management

IoT is just at the early adopter stage, which is the peak of the hype cycle. What's that meme about not being able to spell idiot without IoT ? Michael Fitzgerald has a terrific piece on "Hype vs. Reality: A Reality Check on the Internet of Things" in the MIT Sloan Management Review. He covers nine topics of relevant interest. The one that sticks out for me speaks to the security of IoT as under fire before it even exists. In a reference to Cisco's Chris Young's interview with The Register, he says that the criminal element has one focus: "They're stealing money, they're stealing information, or they're trying to disrupt someone's operations. Those are all problems that we see in the physical world. It's just magnified and scaled in a way that we can't contemplate in our own physical world."

Hopefully, IoT can be built out slowly, with security introduced on the ground floor. After all, we all know what happened with the creation of email.

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